Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Zn'shñ + Kouhei Harada @ Shibuya Lush, Tokyo, Japan

Live performance of Zn'shñ (Franck Smith & Elvire Bastendorff: electronics) + Kouhei Harada (computer) @ Shibuya Lush, Tokyo, Japan. (Recorded September 8th, 2010)

Zn'shñ's electronic setup:

- Biscuit (by Oto Machines)

- 2x Sleepdrone 5 (by King Capitol)
- Glamour Box (by King Capitol)

- Kaossilator Pro (by Korg)

- Restyler (by Sherman/Rodec)

- Space Echo (Boss RE-20)

Discographic works:
* Zn'shñ, "Butoh sweets" (odl.9173-659) July 2010 here
* Zn'shñ, "II" (odl.9173-657) Sep 2009 here
* Zn'shñ, "++" (odl.9173-656) Apr 2009 here

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