Friday, 25 May 2012

Zviij : Discographic works (2011-2012)

Zviij "Quadrifolium" (May 2012)

* Zviij's "Quadrifolium" cover & setup © 2012.

Zviij "Quadrifolium" (Album/Digital)
Alternative & ambient works around timbric studies featuring real-time manipulations of hybrid digital electronics, analog synths and electro--mechanical piano. A quiet and downtempo experience blending delicate repetitive music and colourful glitches.
Composed/performed by Zviij (electronic manoeuvrings)/ Recorded/produced by Zviij © 2012 / Cover by Elvire Bastendorff / Recorded in 2012.
* Available only in digital format → on Bandcamp.


Zviij "Sub-system design" (April 2012)

Zviij : Sub-system design CD
* Zviij "Sub-system design" (Album/CD) © 2012.

Zviij "Sub-system design" (Album/CD)
Composed/performed by Zviij (electronic manoeuvrings)
Recorded/produced by Zviij © 2012
Executive production: Full Volume Agency (Japan) ℗ 2012.
Cover by Elvire Bastendorff.
Recorded in 2012, time 60:05, ref. FVA-6.
Thanks to Denis Cazajeux at Oto Machines.

CD distribution:
* Europe/US/Worldwide via Odiolorgnette
* Europe/US/Worldwide via Full Volume Agency


Zviij "Naked flowers" (October 2011)

Zviij,Naked flowers
Zviij: "Naked flowers" / Cover by Elvire Bastendorff © 2011.

A radical release somewhere between John Zorn's Naked City works (specifically the recording "Torture Garden") and Mike Patton's Fantômas project (the eponymous 1st album). "Naked Flowers" is a collection of 32 short, condensed and concise tracks — lasting from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. A full album of alternative/metal electronics.
Composed & performed by Zviij (electronic manoeuvrings).
*No external sound sources used. Recorded June 2011 in Brussels.
Produced by Zviij © 2011

*N.B.— "Naked flowers" (Album) is available on iTunes! / Bandcamp.

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