Monday, 23 August 2010

Zn'shñ : Tokyo Operations / Concerts in Japan September 2010 (LAST UPDATE)

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Zn'shñ,Elvire Bastendorff,Franck Smith,Tokyo Operation,Odiolorgnette,odl.9173-659

— New CD by Zn'shñ: "Butoh sweets" (a full electronic soundtrack dedicated to Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi) is out on Odiolorgnette
A full electronic soundtrack accompanying the eponymous silent movie inspired by Butoh performances & iconography — realized by Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith. The disc Butoh sweets, Adventures in dance, flour & colours, interlaces subtle noise machinery, refined glitchy pulses & sophisticated bitcrushing, to create an inedit composition full of passion for darkness. A work dedicated to Butoh founder Hijikata Tatsumi (1928-1986). [CD order]

• "Butoh sweets" — edit-1. (2:14)

• "Butoh sweets" — edit-2. (1:05)

Discographic works:
* Zn'shñ, "Butoh sweets" (odl.9173-659) July 2010 here
* Zn'shñ, "II" (odl.9173-657) Sep 2009 here
* Zn'shñ, "++" (odl.9173-656) Apr 2009 here

Thursday, 19 August 2010