Thursday, 6 August 2009

Original soundtrack from Elvire Bastendorff's "Vision d'elles" exhibition — by Franck Smith

Released FEBRUARY 2008

A 70mn track commissioned especially by graphic artist Elvire Bastendorff for her 6-months audiovisual exhibition in Luxembourg titled 'Vision d'elles'. This special soundtrack is based on 20 custom-made vinyls each one containing selected phrases and comments from the 20 women portraited in Bastendorff's work. Orchestral mixing of manipulated voices and electronic for a very strange, dirty and animal result. The final recording was played continuously, all day long, from 27th April to 28th October 2007... A document!

Composed & performed by Franck Smith
Recorded in 2007, time 70:50, Ref: odl.SqEd-670
Released in February 2008 on Odiolorgnette

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